Sports Massage & Remedial Massage

Is your body giving signals of discomfort and pain which you are unable to explain? Do you feel you’ve lost the spring in your step? Does day to day life put too much pressure on your body & mind? Are you an active person and wish to maintain good flexibility and movement?

We all know these pains – neck, back, lower back, arms and legs! You wake up in the morning and bang – frozen neck – aching shoulders and so on.
I’m a Level 5 Qualified Sports and Remedial Therapist and could offer you the Maintenance Massage to level out and muscular discomfort and keep you going Fit & Healthy!

Many assume that Sports Massage is only for athletes, but I couldn’t disagree more. Sports Massage is for each and everyone – especially for us modern day humans, coping with unusual posture to adapt to technology.
Throughout my years and years of experience, I’ve focused on office workers, manual workers and those unfortunate enough to have ill health.

Sports Therapists do not diagnose! But we do work with your diagnoses!

My general view is to have a Maintenance Massage twice a month – we can incorporate many techniques during this treatment such as:

  • MyoFascial Release MFR
  • Trigger Point Therapy TPT
  • Muscle Energy Therapy MET
  • Muscle Stripping
  • Active Isolated Stretches
  • Relaxation and Breathing Techniques

Does it Hurt?

Healthy Tissue doesn’t cause pain – if you’ve discomfort it means we are working in the correct area.
In general I use the Pain & Pleasure Method – this means we both balance the amount of pressure during your massage and increase the results of the treatment.

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