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Are you looking to start your Health & Fitness journey? Have you tried every FAD Diet available and are still struggling with your weight loss? Over 40 and feeling age creeping up on you? Fed up with no energy and zest for life?

Keep on reading – I can help you to become the person you want to be! I’m a personal trainer and life coach and can guide you towards a healthy way of living, including losing weight and toning your body.

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Forget all those massive body transformations and promises companies make. What I offer is a better you, with plenty of energy and a positive body image. All it takes is moderate exercise, plenty of walks and a sensible approach to the way you eat, sleep and play.

Convenient locations across London

Working outdoors from Canary Wharf, Green Park and indoors at H2 Gym Victoria, plus visiting you at home if you so wish, my Interval Weight Loss & Interval Training will help you to embrace a whole new way of living.

Canary Wharf
Personal training locations including Canary Wharf and Green Park.

No massive barbells needed – no intimidating gyms needed – no restrictions on calorie intake needed! Too good to be true?
It is in a way – but by using your own body weight and cardio interval training. All you need on your own training days is 30 minutes of your day to dedicate to your Health & Fitness.

Following a wholesome food plan, including a day off from it all (rest day) and planning your meal plans ahead, your calorie intake will balance out and you’ll achieve and maintain your desired goal. On top of your training, increasing your daily walks and simply become more active by taking the stairs, using shopping baskets and so on, over time you’ll feel slimmer, fitter, stronger and most of all bursting with energy!

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Food plans tailored to your goals.

Don’t be fooled by short term gains many offer you. My approach takes time, commitment and self care – but the results are lasting and we will tackle those nasty stubborn areas you wish to improve on, both physical and emotional!
You got where you are now by doing what you do over and over and over again….
You’ll get where you wish to be and even beyond by implementing my Interval Weight Loss and Interval Training over and over and over again, and keep on doing it.

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Martin’s personal training program is tailored to your needs and I found his Carney Wharf location very convenient. Also has great advice on what you should be eating to achieve your goals and can make a meal plan on request. Very happy.

Chris Lannister

Martin is a phenomenal and very personable personal trainer who also happens to give ace deep tissue massages.  My wife and I have known him for years, and are both happy to state that he does the best massage we have ever had (and that’s quite a few).  It is his aim in life to […]